Why do they come here?

Keleti's Arena Plaza opened in a blaze of glory around Christmas, Vörösmarty tér has unveiled its new H and M, but there's one poor little shopping centre that almost everyone has forgotten about. 'Poky' MOM Park never had an awful lot going for it, but there's much less now, given that half the shops seem to have closed down.

I was there a few weeks back, and noticed that even though the management had started to put cars inside the shopping centre, it hardly makes a difference. Customers still shuffle sleepily around, not wanting to move too quickly because then their trip will be finished and they'll have to go home.

Sadly, it's all very like Dawn of the Dead, George A Romero's semi-coherent attack on consumerism. This Zombie Great tells the story of a group of people in a shopping mall trying to withstand a zombie attack. At the beginning of the film, as two of the protagonists look down at the undead congregating outside the mall, there is the following exchange...

Francine: 'What are they doing?! Why do they come here?'

Stephen: 'I don't know. Some kind of instinct. Memory, of what they used to do. This was an important place in their lives.'

Ha! This conversation could easily have taken place in MOM park, standing on the balcony, watching people milling aimlessly from shop to shop. And, while all this has the potential to be quite frightening, at least nobody in MOM Park is eating anyone else's entrails.

Dawn of the Dead

MOM Park

Andy T



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