In Budapest almost anything goes. Almost.

It's a laid back city, with ruin bars, people drinking beers in the street literally at all hours of the day (I've seen dudes on their way to work, 6:45, open beer in hand), and enough dog poop and people puke on the sidewalk for people to step en masse. However, there is one place where a plethora of distinct rules presides: THE TROLLEY BUS.

Phantomly smoked cigarettes have been banned from all trolley buses since the '56 revolution.
Dogs whose noses have just been covered by Spider-Man's web are exempt from all laws and are allowed to board without a ticket.
If you're trying to transport that car door and you're caught: 1 million forint fine. Shit's serious.
Farmers are prohibited from drinking from long-neck bottles while the trolley bus is in motion. Cans are okay.
Single, double, and quadruple ice cream cones are in fact permitted, but three scoops: a definite no-no.
If a dispute over a seat occurs, the only legal way to resolve it is to do that old baseball bat 'hand over hand' game.
Kids and cops alike: please silence your walkie-talkies, it's distracting to the driver.
Runny nose? Don't you dare even think about grabbing for that tissue.

Don't say we never warned you...

-Jacob P.

Back in October, we ran a blog called "Get the fuck out of here..." directed at Gloria Jean's, the extortionate coffee mongers. And guess what... they got the fuck out of here!

Some would blame the tough financial climate for their decision but we prefer to believe that our chastisement was just too much for them.

It turns out that they're not only in the business of trying to rip everyone off (615Ft for a small cappucino) but they're also in the business of trying to fuck everyone up (treating anorexia with exorcism.) More on their links with deranged "Christian" organisations here.

In their farewell blurb, they say "Our aim remains to make Gloria Jean’s Coffees, Hungary’s most loved & respected coffee company. We thank you, with all our heart, for your support and hope to be able to welcome you back again soon."

We, on the other hand, say "Spare us your sentimental bullshit." ...and once more, with gusto: "Get the fuck out of here!"

Andy Sz.


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