Miserable People in Hallways

Dogs, the homeless and miserable folk - whenever people come to visit me in Budapest, they always seem to notice those three things.

A while ago, I was talking to a friend of mine about sad Hungarians, and she suggested that the main reason people have the hump here is because they simply don’t have enough money. That scrimping and saving just to make ends meet is enough to bring anyone down. There’s probably a good deal of truth in that.

Back in February, we published a blog entry about a miserable woman in Match, who got annoyed with me for standing in the wrong place. Intended to be part of a series, it never really got off the ground for two reasons - firstly, because in all honesty, we forgot, and perhaps more significantly, I really haven’t had too many sour encounters over the last six months. That is, until I moved house last week and bumped into a new neighbour…


What happened this time?
I was clattering out of my house, late for an appointment, feeling a little groggy, when I ran into a man 'pon the stair. Smoking a cigarette, he looked like Kurt Russell, if Kurt Russell had really let himself go.

He mooed ‘hello’ to me, and I murmured back politely, but not overly so, ‘Jó napot kívánok'

What an interesting story!

Thanks, I’m not finished. He obviously hadn’t heard my greeting. As I pulled open the front door, the man mooed again, much louder and more sarcastically. ’HEEEEEELLLLOO.’ Then he made a ‘pffffff’ noise, like a deflating beach ball.

How did you react?
Less polite this time, I turned around and asked him what ‘his problem was,’ and let him know that I’d just said ‘fucking jó napot kívánok.’

What did he do?

He mooed, and took another drag from his cigarette. Then I closed the door, and he stood there alone, mooing to himself in the hallway.

How did you feel?

Sad, hurt, annoyed and miserable.

Why didn’t you go and moo ’heeelllo’ at someone else, to make yourself feel better?

Because I’m not a baby.

Andy T.



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