Who the hub?


thehub.hu was started by me, Andy Sz, and him, Andy T but he, Andy T took a plane going West. I was in tears, obviously. But Jacob P turned up at the right moment, so he's now a big part of it. SF's started contributing too, so we're on the up.

Enormous thanks to all contributors!

If anyone else is interested in contributing anything to the site, please get in touch by emailing us at hubevents@gmail.com or alternatively, leave us a comment here or on our Facebook site - just search for thehub.hu and you'll find us.

At the moment, we're concentrating on content and building up a readership but we do welcome contact from potential advertisers too. Equally, we'd be glad to hear from anyone who wants to share information about any upcoming events in Budapest.


Andy Sz.


  1. agent.bauer said...

    I presume, you're our new English teacher (Thursday morning) :-) Thanks for posting the link of my site (randomstreet).


  2. Anonymous said...

    Bloody poms! :)

    An other Balint  

  3. Jacob said...

    hot dudes, way hot dudes  


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