Why the hub?

There are, indeed, already several guides knocking around Budapest - some printed, some online - so you might be tempted to ask whether Budapest really needs another guide.

I’ve also been knocking around Budapest for a bit and I’ve found that the existing guides don’t really serve me very well,
the principal reasons being:

  1. Many of them are rather more interested in their advertising revenue than producing a genuine guide.
  2. The standard of English and/or journalism is largely woeful.
  3. Most are aimed at tourists and high-income expats.
  4. They are rarely designed with the user in mind.
With thehub.hu, we intend to fill the obvious gaps. We want to produce a guide that’s a lot more relevant for students, backpackers, expats eeking out a living; people who don't want to pay 600Ft for a korso. Our focus is on culture and nightlife and we’d like to share ideas about what to do and where to do it.

We want to produce something that has more of a community ethic than a commercial one: a starting point for whatever you might need. We’re not interested in being a self-contained website. If the information’s sitting there on another website, we’re damned if we’re going to reproduce it – we’ll just link to it. If the internet is to be of any value, it has to be more than a series of cul-de-sacs.

We’d also like to involve our users as much as we can, so we welcome your comments and suggestions.

If the site looks a bit homemade, that’s because it is. If we find that people are interested in thehub.hu we’ll eventually upgrade. But for the moment, we’re concentrating on the content and making sure we produce something genuine and relevant.

Andy Sz.



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