2ManyBloggas 2

Thehub doesn't usually get invited to parties. The last time we did, we were told in no uncertain terms that this one would be our very last and we were 'an absolute disgrace' - words that were shouted loudly by a scary man who kept clipping us around the ears.

All that hurt a lot but it didn't stop us from nicking a load of random objects on the way out - including a copy of
Woman's Own, a set of candlesticks, a miserable-looking cat who howled so much we had to leave it in the street somewhere, and a high-heeled shoe. It still gets worn from time to time, that.

So, given our track record, imagine our surprise when yesterday we were told we're going to be part of the very exciting 2ManyBloggas 2 party at Trafo in a week and a half, organised by Kunk, the best two djs of electro/indie/etc. in Budapest. Check them out here.

Here's what Kunk's Brandon has to say about the event...

'Part schmooze-fest, part fashion show, part tech convention, and all awesome, Kunk’s 2ManyBloggas2 will see the collision of art, music, culture and fashion blogs wrapped into one tasty indie/electro party package on September 20 in Trafo. The event, building upon the success of its first version last winter, will be live-blogged at
www.2manybloggas.com, with posts being submitted by party-goers and projected on screen.

Attendees will be handed name tags upon entrance with empty fields to write their name, as well as they blog they most identify with. During the evening, giveaways will be awarded to both a random raffle pick from all attendees, as well as to the blog garnering the most worn name tags. Each blog will also have their own space for placement of promo material'.


Great. Sounds like they're even trusting us enough to give us our own table! Bet we can think of some funny things to do with that.

Anyway, next Saturday (20th), stick it in your diary, and we don't care if you live abroad - Andy and I will be extremely disappointed if you aren't there. With our name on your name tag. Oh, here's some details and a list of the blogs involved.


Kunk presents: 2ManyBloggas2
Saturday, September 20, 2008
Trafo Bar Tango
Address: IX. Lilliom u. 41
Entrance: 800 HUF
DJs: Kunk, Kollektiva, WPAHP, Gumipop, Tonyo vs. Adi (The Moog)

PARTICIPATING LINKS: http://www.bpfashion.hu, http://bpstyle.blogspot.com, http://www.ektiv.hu, http://www.gumipop.hu, http://www.hellorepublic.com, http://www.thehub.hu, http://juicy.mashkulture.net, http://kultplay.hu, http://www.mykunk.com, http://mindennapibetevo.freeblog.hu, http://ourstyle.freeblog.hu, http://www.pepmagazin.hu


See you at Trafo then. We'll be the ones getting clipped round the ears.

Andy T.



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