Gimme Shelter

The sun is blazing and I'm waiting for a tram. Where do I stand?

a) Out in the open
b) Under the shelter
c) Across the road in the shade of a tree

The answer, of course, is either a) or c) but never b). Why? Because there are no shelters at tram stops in Budapest. Well what's that then?

That, my poor fool, is not a shelter.

Shelter is one of man's basic necessities, along with food, water and oxygen. If you had to rely on Budapest's "shelters" for shelter, you'd be in worse shape than if you relied on Jean Michel Jarre's "Oxygène" for oxygen.

I interviewed the Minister of Transport and he explained:
"My mate owns a glass and plastics company." *

*Clearly, I made this up.

Andy Sz.


  1. Anonymous said...

    You are wrong. In American english, it is called "bus shelter". In case it is raining, or there is a snow storm, one takes "shelter" from the weather, from the storm. You see, you learned something new today :-)
    Just Google the words "bus shelter" and you will see.. :-)  

  2. hub events said...

    Dear Anonymous, either you're Hungarian and don't understand English or you're American and don't understand irony.  


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